Posted by: jasgreen | May 2, 2009

68 days and counting down

Today I ate an entire 10’ pizza and felt so bad that I decided that I needed to go back on my exercise routine to counter all the bad habits I find hard to give up. So, I laced up my shoes, put on the jacket and sweats and out the door I went. Almost immediately I felt the pain shooting down the back of my right leg. I wanted to stop but I told myself that I would walk for only 5 blocks and turn around if the pains became to unbearable. What surprised me was that the more I walked, the less pain I felt. So by the time I had reached my turn around spot,  I pushed myself to continue on.

By the time I reached the track, I only felt a slight pain. Besides that, I was enjoying the walk that I haven’t been able to take since November of last year. The construction site that was just beginning to happen was almost complete. Homes that were being worked on were finished now. There was even new one that had began that was there since the last time I took my 3 mile walk.

The track was the hardest part. I used to walk that track and do 10 laps with no problem. Just to get a heavy breathing session in, I had to push myself to walk faster than normal. Today was different. I really had to push myself to stay with it. Every lap seemed like an eternity of punishment. By the time I had finished my 5th lap. I felt no more pain or maybe I was just too tired to feel the pain. Yet, I pushed on until I had walked 10 laps.

Now that I know that I can push myself through the pain. I’m starting my 3 mile walk again. Each day that I can get out there and walk, I’m going to do it. I’m going to push myself through the pain each day to do it. I have stopped taking the Phentermine and replaced it with exercise which I’m sure will work a lot better than a weight loss pill. If I can keep it up for the next 66 days, I’m sure to lose the excess weight and be down to my ideal weight with ease.


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