Posted by: jasgreen | May 2, 2009

Proper Intro.

I felt that my last post did not start off with the proper introduction. so, I’m writing this introduction so that you will understand why I’m counting down the days and what exactly is happening to me and my body.

If you haven’t noticed from the title of my blog, this is a blog written by a person who suffers from HBS. Please refer to the about page and What I am not page to gain a full understanding of what HBS is. Also Please follow the links on my links page because this will provide a wealth of information that my blog will not fully post since I feel this is just a personal account and need not describe.

The count down is for my surgery date. I’m having surgery on July 10th 2009 which I and many others with HBS call corrective surgery.  No, this surgery does not turn me into a woman because I am a woman already. No amount of surgery can turn a man into a woman no matter what some people like to think. No amount of hormones can turn a man into a woman or vise versa. You are either a man or woman as the link below provides some clue.

If you watched that video you should have a better understanding of what is happening in my life right now. I’ve struggled, not with my gender, but with being forced to be in a category that I never was.

I was born intersex, not just psychologically but also physically. I have Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome as well. That is another topic which I feel is covered really well and I do not feel that I need to speak about that in this blog. Just do a Google search and you will find plenty of information on AIS.

Nevertheless, the purpose of this blog is to document my journey to being a survivor of HBS. I hope that you follow me during my journey and please feel free to ask me questions that you do not understand or if you just like to make a comment. I’ll try to answer them as best as a I can.



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