Posted by: jasgreen | May 4, 2009

HBS vs. Transgenderist

I was recently kick off a website forum because I made a plea to the girls and boys on that website to be careful of the words they choose. Almost immediately, I was attacked and jumped from behind by the transgendered community because I would not tolerate a transgendered person calling my body a fake/an invitation of a real female body.

I felt insulted reading and hearing those words that I wanted to just reach out and shake the person who said those words. What exactly do you call a person that invest thousands of dollars on facial feminization surgery so that they can look like a girl but still have a penis and testicle between their legs? What do you call it when a transgendered person invest $3000-10,0000 on breast implants just so they can have a chest that women have? And, you call me fake/an invitation of a real female body?

My time isn’t spent worried about how well I pass in society. I don’t buy hundreds of dollars worth of makeup because I can’t stand to be seen in public without makeup.  I can cut all the hair off my head and walk down the street and not care if people point an stare at me (I have done this on more than one occasion and not worn a drop of makeup). I do not wear padded bra’s or panties so I can have an hour glass figure. I did not and will not ever inject myself with Home Depot Silicone grade cocking sealant to give me hips, butt and cheeks.

I like to qoute an article which I feel my readers should read. Lisa Thompson did a wonderful job of expelling the transgenders agenda to rid the world of us true HBS men and women.

She writes candidly, ” When we post to web sites, send email to discussion lists, or speak in public forums, we are bombarded with statements that are disconnected from life in the real world.

Suppose that I met a non-op transgender (male to female with a penis). When I found out about it, I would not think of this person as less of a woman, let alone as a man, as long as she identifies as female.”

I really loved when Lisa wrote,

“An admirable open mindedness that I suspect works better in theory than in practice unless the person hitting on the transgender is not looking for anything more than oral sex. That each year numerous transgender working girls (prostitutes, hookers, or sex workers as you may prefer) are beaten and murdered for just this minor discrepancy is immaterial to the discussion – men just don’t act like that in the ideal world of transgenders.”

She says, “They wax philosophically
I would view her anatomy as only part of her, as part of a woman. The phallus will have become, if I may say so, a feminine object.”

She really hits the hammer on the head of the nail when she say, “Will the first transgenders who identifies his penis as a vagina please raise his hand. (Would they then be correct in identifying their scrotum as a uterus?)”

I stood up in my room and applauded Lisa to the point my neighbors wondered if I truly had lost my mind. She wrote about a reality that most transgendered person fail to even recognize. We HBS men and women aren’t the one’s being killed and beaten. The reason is simply because most of us have such a hate for that part of our bodies we dare not touch it outside of scrubbing it to death in the shower in hopes that it will fall off. Seriously, the last thing we want to do have pleasure from such foreign object on our bodies.

This is not the reality for the transgendered person. I’ve witnessed many transgendered person who say they enjoy using that part of their anatomy, it brings them pleasure. These same people are the one’s who say they would never have SAS. Sadly, they are also the most preyed upon group of people in our society by  people who have not found their sexuality or men who live trapped in Alice in Wonderland syndrome where the women have penises, large penises.

My dear beloved readers….please make sure you read this article. It’s a real eye opener.



  1. I’m glad to have found your blog. I agree with what you have said in this post. It seems that the transgenderists will never understand the pain and despair that someone born with HBS goes through because of the mismatch between our minds and our bodies. To me, it seems like they are having a great time trying to change the definition of man and woman, male and female.

    I had a heated discussion with a couple of transgenderists who wanted to allow anyone to go into any restroom no matter what their sex. I tried to explain about the dangers of men being allowed into women’s restrooms, and about the reluctance women would feel going into a restroom where men could be in there, but my arguments fell on deaf ears. They call themselves women, but they think like men, which is why they want to keep and enjoy their male parts.

    Identifying as a woman and being a woman are two very different things, which is something we who have HBS understand, but the transgenderists will never understand.

    Laura R.

    • Thanks Laura,

      I really understand what you mean by this and I would have a problem with anyone in the restroom with me who really doesn’t have the same body (genitalia) as me. Though I have used the female wash room for the past 15 years, I think it is a difference when someone want to use the same bathroom as I do and they enjoy having male parts attached to them.

      As I have already stated, these aren’t people that I can relate to. I can’t go to any of these so called women with penises and ask them about BV, yeast infections or UTI’s. I can’t go to anyone of them and ask them about dilation schedules. I can’t even talk to any of them and ask what’s the best lubricant to use without it becoming to sticky or having to stop during a love making session to apply more lubrication. Can any one of these ladies with a penis tell me what to expect at my first Gyn appointment? This why I say I can’t relate to them.

      Well, you get my point, I’m not a transgendered person and never will be. A person with HBS is not a transgendered person and never will be. They can try all they want to include use under the false umbrella term all they want. I always said to myself, as pretty as Halle Berry looks, if she is discovered to have a penis and testicles between her legs, she would not be a female to me she would be a male.

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