Posted by: jasgreen | May 4, 2009

The Chromosome Myth

On Joanne blogs, she pointed out an article which I feel is very important that many in this country, the world for what’s it’s worth, should pay particular attention too.

She points out an article in which a group of Chinese geneticists at Peking University Medical College Hospital conducted a study on a female who’s chromosomes are XY (Male). Please refer to Joann’s Blog for more details and a link to the article in which Joann writes about.

Now, the reason I even make mention of this is because I’m a frequent visitor on Youtube. Time and time again, I come across video’s of people stating that SAS does not change the persons sex. Their reason for this comment is that SAS cannot provide the person with a complete set of genitalia that is considered the opposite sex for which they seek. For instance, they cannot have a baby and/or they cannot menstruate.

Just what are we defining here? Are we saying that a female is only someone that can menstruate or give birth? Is a female someone with a fully functional uterus and ovaries? Is a male a person with testicles and penis that can create spermatozoa? I think we are fooling ourselves if we think that this is what a female or male is.

I fortunate enough to go to undergraduate school to study medical science. I’m not a medical doctor nor do I pretend to be one. I do know that I have a foundation that includes biology, chemistry, anatomy, pharmacology and many other courses that pertain to medicine.  I do understand medicine. I do understand that biology is never fully understood. I do know that medicine has yet to uncover the mysteries of human biology.

Dr. Benjamin called Sex change surgery, sex reassignment surgery. That name has stuck with us for sometime now. However, some people don’t like the name and as a result the name has changed over the recent years. Yet, that is exactly what we are doing. We are reassigning our sex. There’s nothing bad about that since we are also intersexed individuals whom for many of us have been forced to live an identity that does not belong to us.

So what if I can’t menstruate or have a baby. Notice that it not impossible for us to do so, we just haven’t reach medical ability to allow such an event to unfold.  I have no doubt in my mind that in the future, tissue’s will be developed and transplant via stem cell growth.  There will be no need for girls and boys with HBS or any other intersexed condition that leave the genitalia undeveloped or underdeveloped to have to go through what we endure currently.  This is what medical scientist are working on as I type this blog.

Thus, do not think that because I am having surgery to reassign my sex that it is impossible and that I cannot be a, “True Female”. I was born a female with male genitalia. I’m no different than the female who is born with chromosomes that are opposite her sex.  I’m no different than the girl who has CAIS who was born with female genitalia, yet has male chromosomes. If biology can create mysteries such as those I’ve mentioned, isn’t possible that biology created me? Why is this so difficult for people to understand?

I’m not having surgery to change my gender. No amount of hormones, implants or make-up can change of person’s gender. A man can put on a dress and walk up and down the street. But he is still a man if his gender is such. That’s his gender and that can’t be changed by putting on a dress and makeup.  A girl can have surgery to remove her uterus, ovaries and tubes, but she is still a girl if that is what her gender is. Sex is not gender and gender is not Sex. For most people, gender cannot be changed. You are either a boy or girl. On the other hand, biology can produce a variance of Sex characteristic that go beyond what we consider, “Normal”.

For all my readers out there, I encourage you to read Joanne’s blog.


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