Posted by: jasgreen | May 5, 2009

HaSatan is not done yet!

Well more bad news. Today the very person that sent me an acceptance letter into the college I was all ready to start called me to tell me that they are resending (taking back) the acceptance offer. She claimed that I was rude to two of her staff persons because I expressed my opinion that requesting a transcript from a school (a trade school) was expensive (the transcript is $30) and not needed since the school would not accept any of the trade school credits being that the courses were totally unrelated and not college level courses.

She told me that the school didn’t need rude student like me attending. My mouth dropped to the floor as I listen to woman insult me by calling me rude and being an unfit business student.  When she was done, I told her not only was I offended by her comments but that I could not understand how she came to the conclusion that I was being rude to her or any of her staff. I told her what I felt I was being punished on was for speaking up and voicing a truth that she didn’t like to hear.  Nothing I said was lie nor was it out of line.

She told me that if I wanted, I could plead my case to some dean and perhaps he would have mercy on me. Are you serious? You insult me, offend me and shot me down, calling me an unfit business student and now you want me to plead my case for reconsideration to some Dean? That’s when I told this lady, for the past 4 years since my undergraduate education, I have worked with my towns Mayor’s office dealing with government officals and never have I been told by anyone that I was rude in voicing my opinion. I’ve been honored by my states Governor and the Secretary of Aging for volunteering to help and manage projects for seniors and persons with disability and if I was as rude and unfit as this lady told me today, I highly doubt that I would be in the position that I’m today. I told her the transcripts had been sent and now she is telling me that it is all in vain. She tells me that she will refund the cost. I told her to keep it and I thanked her for informing me of this matter.

I wrote a letter to that lady, but it wasn’t the letter she was expecting. No I wasn’t going to plead my case. What I did write was how I felt she and her staff offended me and if that is the behavior of a business school, then it was in my best interest not to be counted as a student  at that college. I sure she just deleted my email off her screen. Nevertheless, I felt good letting her know in a professional way without insulting her or the school that I wasn’t going to plead my case because I felt it was a waste of my time and her’s.

Then I sat on the edge of my bed and I cried. My mother tried to easy my tears by telling me not to worry that I was going to have my surgery on July 10th even if it meant that most of the bills in the house didn’t get paid. Yet, this didn’t help cheer me up because this was something that I felt I had to do on my own. I thanked my mother for being so supportive and I told her that I am going to find a way to pay her back.

Ring! my email has just recieved an incoming message. It’s Boston University. They would like for me to apply to their Master’s of Science in Management with a concentration in Project Management. They are willing to wavie the application fee if I start in July. Wow, talk about blessings. By this time my mother had gone and I called her on her cellphone. “Mom, perhaps Hashem is trying to get my attention.”

For the past 4 years, I’ve been working on nothing but projects.  The internship that I’m hoping to land is a project. Maybe, just maybe, I need to re-think my career choice. So, I called an old school that I used to attend and I also called Boston University. If my old school doesn’t take me back, I’ll begin the application process to Boston University. I’m changing my major to Project Management.



  1. Hi Jas! (Is that ok, or do you prefer something else? sorry if I got it wrong) I saw your post on our group about the new blog, and thought I’d stop by 🙂

    I’m really happy for you about your upcoming surgery and the news about school. Congratulations! Life with our condition can be very difficult, but always remember that it DOES get better. It sounds like this is going to be a big year for you!

    I hope you don’t mind if I link your blog to mine. I just started one too, and I thought it would be nice if we could have a sort of blog-ring going. I tend to post on rancorous things with the TG’s, so if you don’t want that sort of exposure just let me know hehe.

    Take care!

    • Hey Ariablue,

      Glad to see another HBS blogger. I don’t mind at all. Please feel free to link me to your blog and I will do the same for you as well. My blog is more for the readers who want to read a personal account of a survivor. I don’t really get into the news or politics because I feel that others have already done so. There can never be enough personal accounts since each of us have and will go through life on different yet similar paths.

      Thanks for reading,


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