Posted by: jasgreen | May 9, 2009

God vs. Biology

First, let me say this, as a Jew, my view of the G-d is clearly different than the way a christian views G-d. Nevertheless, it is mainly the christian that attacks people other than what they believe the bible says should be.

Now before I lose my readers, I must also point out that Christianity takes many of the words from our Tanakh and turn them into their own fitting to create a religion that is so different from Judaism, that you can barely make out it’s true meaning.  For instance:

“Psalms 2:7 Let me tell of the decree: the LORD said to me, you are my son; and I fathered you this day. (JPS)

This verse has the Lord speaking of his “son,” so, since the Christians believe Jesus is the son of G-d, they interject the  name of Jesus into this scripture. In Hebrew, there are no capital or lower case letters. By capitalizing the “s” in “son,” the publishers of the King James Bible is intentionally trying to lead the reader to belief in Jesus. All of this implies that the Lord never spoke of anyone else as His son. Scripture emphatically states otherwise.

2 Samuel 7:14 I will be a father to him, and he shall be a son to Me.

Here,G-D calls David his son. Now be careful because this is a scripture that many Christians believe is speaking about Jesus Kingship. But let’s to 2 Samuel 7:8 to understand who is G-D talking about, David or the coming Jesus?

“Further, say thus to My servant David”

So, you see, this entire passage of scripture has nothing to do with Jesus. Read further down 2 Samuel 7:17 and you see this.

“Nathan poke to David in accordance with all these words and all this prophecy.”

Wow, that was deep. So you see how scripture can easily be taken to mean something else by simply interjecting a name or deleting a name? G-D made a promise to David, not a promise to Jesus.

Rather than term my blog into a debate, I only posted this to show how the Hebrew bible became the Christian Bible. Many of the saying within the Christian Bible are misquoted saying from the Hebrew Bible. The most used quote is that of Leviticus used to spread, “G-d’s hate toward Homosexuals and Transexual people.”

So, now that I have introduced my point, I was watching a youtube video of a person that I follow and she made a comment about another youtuber that used Leviticus to say that G-d only created male and female and that a certian person was sick and needed help for having sex reassignment surgery.

Normally, I don’t bother with such video’s but the person that I was following did a sort of commentary on the video. The other person started saying that G-d doesn’t make mistakes and that G-d created man and woman and all the blah, blah, blah stuff you normally hear from people that try to mix G-d vs. Biology argument.

Here’s what I like to put out there to my readers, G-d and Biology normally doesn’t mix when you don’t understand. Allow me to clarify myself. If you take a scripture which you do not understand why it’s being said and try to make it say something it doesn’t mean, you totally ignore that G-d had any inclination to biology when he created men and women.

If you truly accept G-d as being all knowing, then you should understand that there is nothing that exist amongst us that G-d didn’t already know before the creation of earth and mankind. Did he forget that some men and women would be attracted to the same sex? Did he forget that biology is never perfect and that chromosome can go wrong? Did he forget that human biology  can produce offspring that’s different from the chromosomes of the parents?

Why would God knowingly create man to only turn around and condemn man for something that he clearly knew ahead of time would happen even before man existed? Do you see where I’m taking this?

My favorite story in the Hebrew bible is Job. Here’s why:

Job 11:7 “Would you discover the mystery of God? Would you discover the limit of the Almighty? (verse 9) It’s measure is longer than the earth and broader than the sea.

My favorite part is when G-D finally answers Job:

Job 38:4 Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundations? Speak if you have understanding.

Now we see that G-D is telling Job, you can’t begin to phantom the wisdom, the knowledge, the science or the biology it took to create this planet. So, how dare anyone to try to say to me or anyone that G-D didn’t create them and hates them. Do you think that G-D would have created such being on the earth to only condemn them to Hell? What kind of god (notice I typed that out to signify that I’m not talking about my G-D) do you worship because my G-D would never do this. My G-D did not create me to only send me to Hell. My G-D knew before the existence of this earth that I would exist and that I would be born intersexed and that I would have sex reassignment surgery so that I could live in peace and joy and no man on this earth is going to try to tell me that they can even remotely phantom the wisdom of my G-d.

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