Posted by: jasgreen | May 10, 2009

What is MTF Sex Reassigment Surgery?

It is becoming very common in the Transgendered community for the non-op to refer to HBS women and men as having mock genitalia of the real thing (for better words). As a person who has studied medical science and has a degree in medical science, again, I normally don’t pay any mind to such wording and thoughts from the laymen of our society. Yet, all it takes is a little Google search on the anatomy of the male and female structures to see that there really isn’t much different between the two sexes.

Now, in the beginning, when sperm meets egg, DNA begins to tell the cells what they should do. Chromosomes (DNA) are the blueprints. Anyone who is an engineer knows that blueprints are not perfect. Sometimes, things have to be rearranging in order for things to fit or work. Sometimes, things become affected by other environmental occurrences with alter the blueprints. The blueprints themselves stay the same. Stay with me, I’m trying to build you to a point.

When I used to do retail marketing, I often would receive a package with what we call the planogram of the store so we know where and how to place products. Often times, these planogram were never 100 percent accurate. A lot of altercation would have to be done to fit the products so that it appeared as the planogram looked.

So, how are females and males developed and how are they so different? Let’s start with the tissue that forms the genitalia. We all start off with the exact same tissue. Based upon the blueprints (Chromosomes/DNA), the tissue begin to progress into tissue which when complete looks like it’s completely different from each other but is exactly the same. Some tissue that is not needed, depending on if your blueprints says female or male, is absorbed into the body as not being needed.

In the meantime, the brain is also being developed. Hormones have an effect on the brain as we now have conclusive studies that prove this to be the case. Males typically receive a flush of Testosterone which masculines the brain. Females typically receive a flush of Estrogen which feminizes the brain.

Since we only have a blueprint to go off of, things sometimes don’t go so well and we end up with tissue that should be male being developed into female tissues and brains that should be masculinized being flush with Estrogen to feminize the brain. These kinds of cases are rare, but it happens.

Genitalia between the sexes are not all that different. First, let us consider the female anatomy. The clitoris is a smaller version of the penis without the urethra running down the middle. The reproductive organ, the vagina is not a reproductive organ-I’ll explain in short while, is almost the same and develops from the same tissue. The testicles develop high in the abdominal region and normally fall into the scrotom either just prior to birth or a short while after birth. The uterus in the male is absorbed by the body during development. The tissue that forms the scrotum in males is the same tissue that is used to form the labia of females.

The vagina is nothing more than a passage way made up of elastic tissue similar to the tissue lining in the mouth. For the male, the passage way seals itself off which SRS surgeons reopen during surgery. The vagina normally remains a flatten tube until something is insert inside which then takes the shape of what is inserted inside the tube. The tube is what connects the reproductive system of male and female. Without this tube, males could not impregnate a female.  The tube itself is only 4 inches long and 1 inch wide. During development, in the male, this tissue is absorbed, yet the passage way remains.

What SRS surgeons do is they reopen this passage way as far back as they possibly can in the MTF. They then line this passage way with skin either from the excess scrotum, colon tissue, split/Full graft from other body areas, or penile skin. The clitoris is form by taking the glands of the penis and contouring it to the point where the nerves remain intact. This contoured to the point where the glands are sewn into place in the same spot that it would be if the cells had been told to form female genitalia. The labia are formed out of the scrotum just as it would have if the cells had been told to form female genitalia. The urethra is positioned in the same position just as if the cells had been told to form female genitalia.

If you notice, there is nothing the surgeon is doing to form a fake or mock vagina. They are not cutting away the male genitalia and tossing it in the trash with decomposing left over lunch. They are not making some artificial space and lining it with artificial tissue. They are not giving the HBS woman fake tubes. There’s nothing mock about it or fake about it or invitational about. The HBS woman will have the same problems had she been born with female anatomy. She will have to clean herself. She will have to remain sexually active with a partner or with a toy so that she doesn’t become so tight down there that nothing will be able to be inserted but a pencil. She can obtain STD’s. She can suffer from Yeast infections. She can suffer from UTI’s. You can’t do these things with a fake/invitational vagina.

The HBS woman could have children if she has reproductive organs. However, science has not reached that point neither does it mean that the HBS woman is less than a woman who can have children. There are literally thousands of women who walk the earth who can’t bleed each month, who can’t have children, who have male DNA.

I wrote this only because I’m tired of hearing the transgendered communities come down on HBS survivors by saying we think we are better simply because we have or are working to have SRS. I’m tired of hearing the transgendered community say we are not natural because we weren’t born with vagina’s and the work of our surgeons are nothing more than an expensive cosmetic vagina. Our vaginas are as real as any other woman with a vagina that was born with one. Sure they can argue that the lining isn’t the same. Yet, that still doesn’t make it a fake or invitation. In fact, over time the tissue that lines the vagina becomes mucosa which at that point is no longer considered a neo-vagina in medical terms.

An HBS woman who had her surgery done over 10 years ago no longer has a neo-vagina simply because the tissue becomes mucosa. If she used estrogen or has continued to take estrogen, the body will see her vagina as if it was there from birth. This is a medical and biological fact. Sadly, most HBS women don’t talk about their vaginas when they have their SRS but I have spoken with many women who had SRS over 10 years ago and they all say the same.

So for my readers out there, understand that there is no such thing as having a fake or invitational vagina once an HBS woman has had SRS. She is as natural as any other woman born with a vagina. She may not be able to bleed or conceive, but she is real. Don’t be fooled by these women with penises trying to sell you a bounce of garbage that our vaginas are nothing but a cosmetic mock up of the real thing.



  1. Bravo! Thanks for writing some truth, there aren’t a lot of us out here that do on this topic. As someone who had the surgery not too long ago, I can tell you it is a lot sooner than 10 years before it isn’t a “neo-vagina”.

    After you have your surgery, I think you will find almost instant relief. It will feel instantly normal down there for the first time, even before it heals. When it finally does heal, it will be mucosa in very short order. As I wrote at Enough Nonsense, I have a nice, natural pussy down there. Those creeps who say all this crap about us can take a leap. Misogynists like that are not women.

    • Thanks Aria,

      My medical science background helps me to understand what’s going on down there vs. the transgender understanding that keeps them thinking that neo-vagina are fake mock up vagina’s, LOL. It sends chills down my spin each time I hear them say stupid stuff like this because we aren’t the only one who have to have this surgery done. There are XY females who also have to have the same surgery we do. Those female are known to have what’s called Vaginal Agenesis. I’ll be writing a post about this condition later today so I won’t go into detail right now. However, for all the TG people out there that like to call our vagina’s fake and mock up of the real thing, they not only insult us, but they insult every girl that has been born with Vaginal Agenesis, PAIS and many other intersexed conditions that result in us females being born without vaginas.

  2. Fortunately, I’ve never met any TG people who’d say something as deliberately hurtful (not to say factually inaccurate) as that.

    I’m sorry to say that most of the deliberate cruelty has tended to come from the other side. People differ though, and just as it’s quite possible for someone who’s straight to be in favour of gay rights, it’s possible for someone who fits the gender binary model really well to be in favour of rights for those who don’t.

    What I would like to see is a research program on those who are not HBS but TG, to see to what extent (if any) their brains are cross-gendered, and in what areas. This could lead to a better understanding of HBS.

    • Thanks for taking the time to read my blog Zoe. These comments that I have listed is becoming very common these days as more and more TG people try to explain why they do not want to have SRS. I can understand this and I accept that they choose to not have SRS for whatever reasons they may have. My issue and many HBS survivors have with the TG community is that these same TG people want to be recognized and labeled the same as us HBS survivors.

      How do you explain to society at large that there are women who love to have male anatomy and expect society should accept them as women no different from any other female? I’ve always said that anyone can call themselves a woman and have society accept them as a woman, but, there is a different between being a woman and being female. No female has male anatomy, that’s a fact. I’m not talking about chromosomes here or reproductive organ as so many people try so hard to define what being a female is or what being a woman is. Notice that I’m not talking about Gender here. Being a man or woman is a Gender issue. Being male or female is a sex characteristic.

      People with HBS have a birth condition that effects their sex, not their gender. We HBS survivors are not fighting for gender causes, we are fighting for our birth condition to be recognized as a intersexed condition. This is where the TG community differs from our own and it is why they consider us to be hostile towards them. It is not that we are hostile, but that we are not the same and should not be grouped or thought of in the same understanding. Someone that feels that they are a woman trapped in the body of a man but loves their male anatomy is not the same as someone who’s gender identity is girl from birth who happens to know that their anatomy is not their own sex characteristic. The former will stop short of becoming a female while the latter will do everything in their power to have corrective surgery. I hope I made this clear to try to clear the air of confusion.

  3. Please do a Google search if you do not know what MTF Sex Reassignment surgery is.

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