Posted by: jasgreen | May 14, 2009

Losing weight is a challenge

I’ve been working to lose weight since October of last year. I have to admit, I took Nov to May off because I hate to walk in the cold. This has cost me some much needed time to lose as much weight as possible.

Dr. Reed wants me down to at least 180LBS and I’m currently at 190LBS. 10LBS to go yet all so difficult when the weight seems to just sit still. I walk 3 miles a day (12,000 steps at least), I try to keep my calories below 1300 but lately, I’ve been going over because now I stay hungry and end up eating triple the amount I’m supposed to be eating.

I keep telling myself, the next day is the day that I’m going to stick to my diet. I’ve come to far to be turned away from surgery just because I’m over weight. I can lose 10LBS in 3 weeks if I put my mind to it. Each day is a lesson of what not to do for the next. I’ve now mastered the art of shopping, so now I’m buying all foods with low GI, good protein and just enough fat not to cause weight gain.

In the beginning, it was a challenge because I brought a lot of food that was low in calories but high in GI or Carbs. I would end the day with only 800 calories and feel so hungry. Now I eat enough calories sometimes too much. For instance, right now, I’m 300 calories over what I should have eaten today not including my calories I’ve burned from excercise today. So, my goal for tommrow is to eat only 1300 calories. If I can do this for the next 56 days,  I can lose as much as 15LBS come surgery date in 56 days. That would put me at 175LBS. Still over weight for my height but within the range that Dr. Reed told me to be at by the time I come and see him.

Well, If I follow an unhealthy plan that I know will work, I can lose 20LBS in just 30 days. However, that diet plan scares me losing so much weight in such a short amount of time. The safest amount to lose is 1-2LBS a week. I’ve planed for 3LBS a week.



  1. It doesn’t sound like you are really overweight as far as surgery is concerned. Haha your doctor is really picky! Wouldn’t the danger be more from trying to diet too much and losing strength before surgery?

    You are going to lose some weight by going through the surgery just because. You probably won’t have much of an appetite for at least a few days either. Maybe after surgery would be a good time to adjust your food intake. Just an idea. Holding at 1300-1500 is probably pretty good I would think.

    • Dr. Reed is very picky but I trust him with my life. As I said before, he’s a man who knows what he doing. His training is unmatched by most SRS surgeons and there only a few out there that are even trained and licensed in reconstructive urology. See my posting on why choose an SRS doctor.

      On the other hand, I’m losing weight healthy and not in a unhealthy way. I know that I can cut my calories down to 1300 a day and exercise for an hour a day seven days a week and I’ll lose weight. In fact, this is a very good way to prep oneself for surgery.

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