Posted by: jasgreen | May 17, 2009

Why choose an SRS doctor?

This is profound question that very few ask themselves before venturing off to pluck down their hard earned cash. For the most part, many just go off what everyone on the internet says is the best person. Few stop to think who is the SRS doctor everyone is telling me I should go too.

Well, for me, I did my research and I wanted to have my surgery done by the best Urologist or Gynecologist I could afford. I didn’t want my surgery to be done by someone that had no medical training in reconstructive urology or gynecology.

This training had to go beyond just working under a licensed reconstructive urologist or gynecologist because the list is never ending of the many SRS doctors that are medical trained in internal medicine and now are doing SRS or platistic surgeons who decided they wanted to cross over into SRS domain.

Medically speaking, when a child is born with ambigious genitalia, they don’t call a plastic surgeon. They call a pediactric urologist or gynecologist to work the case. If it is determined that the child needs surgery, no plastic surgeon is called.  The surgery is perfomed by the urologist or gynecologist. Why on earth do we as adult with intersexed conditions put our trust in medical personel not trained to handle our situation? No I don’t want an SRS doctor to do my surgery regardless if that doctor has done over 50,000 cases and each one of them claim they are functional and happy.

You might say, “well Jas, that’s just sound crazy. Experience speaks for itself.” Let me assure you that it’s not the plastic surgeons that are working each day to modify genital reconstructive surgery. It’s the urologist and the gynecologist that are dealing with the 1 in every 5,000-10,000 females born without vagina’s each year. It’s the gynecologist and urologist that treat androgen insensitivity syndrome where surgery is needed in the lower grades.

So the time you happen to come across a website with a group of people all screaming that such and such doctor is the best, stop and ask yourself is he or she really the best. I wouldn’t trust my vaginoplasty to no other doctor unless I know that they are medically trained in reconstructive urology or gynecology. To date, there are only a few in the SRS world that are medically trained and licensed to do so.

I visited one site where people were shouting out their doctors and encouraging other to follow the crowd. One girl shouted out that she wouldn’t go to an SRS doctor unless he was licensed. Uhmmm…O.k. but all doctors have to be licensed to practice medicine. Yet, not all doctors have to be medically trained in reconstructive urology or gynecology to do SRS. Many of the SRS doctors out there are trained in other specialities  like plastic surgery and only work under an SRS doctor before hanging a shingle out advertising their services. Some of these same shingle doctors are the most expensive.

Look, all I’m saying is that I prefer someone who’s medical specialty is reconstructive urology or gynecology. I’m not going to a cardiologist to see why I have sciatica the same can be said that I’m not going to a plastic surgeon to correct a birth condition that involves surgery to correct my genitalia.


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