Posted by: jasgreen | May 28, 2009

Life goes on!

It’s been a busy time for me these past couple of days since my last post. I’ve applied to at least 3 different graduate school all with a rush to make the deadline for the July 09 entrance term.

I’ve had to take a step back and re-evaluate my career direction. This was the perfect time for me to really think if I really wanted to become an accountant, a CPA.

For the past 4 years, I’ve worked in retail marketing projects. Only recently have I started to work in the financial realm. Yet, I didn’t find joy in what I was doing in contrast to what I was doing when I worked in marketing.

So, after one school that accepted me and then rescinded their acceptance, I took a hard look at my career direction up to this point. The school that took back the offer from me did me a big favor. I changed focus and began to apply to marketing and project management degree programs.

Another school which I had previously been a student was in the clear until I was told that I would have to make a deposit to prove commitment of registration and I would receive a refund through financial aid. The problem is that I have no extra cash right now. Everything is put into my up coming surgery in 42 days. Thank G-D for my mother, she paid for the hotel, her round trip ticket to support me, some small items I needed to have on hand and the house bills.

All this was to be paid via student refund check that is now wash away. I was not supposed to have to worry about anything. $4000 was supposed to help me make it through my recovery, pay for any unexpected cost, pay my hotel cost and pay for my return plane ticket home. It was also supposed to cover the cost of not having an income for a month while I recovered.  Yet, that money is now gone.

On top of all this, I come home to a phone call that the second school that I had as a backup plan now once some kind of proof that I will be o.k. to continue studies at their school. I left on bad terms and they wanted an appeal that my situation was due to peer’s constantly telling me that the school would not help me in my career advancement. I was very easily manipulated back then and gave complete control to others just so I could have a friend. I’ve since learned my lesson and I will not allow other to control my life. Yet, the school wanted some kind of proof that this actually happened. They actually asked me for emails exchanges between me and my ex-friends.

Not one to give up on road blocks, I looked into Project Management Institute accredited degree programs and found one school which I immediately applied too. I’m waiting to here from them on an acceptance offer.  What I like about this school is that their graduate degree is a management focused degree with a concentration in project management. Since my undergraduate degree has nothing to do with business administration, this degree will make up for my lack of business courses. Aside from it’s project management core courses, the degree provides a strong concentration in business management which I need.

I’ve also found a marketing certificate program being offered by UC Berkeley program. I’m in the process of trying to obtain a position with Americorps as a VISTA working on Asset and Financial Development Project. If I get this position, I can earn 11K for the years work, have full medical benefits for the year, transportation cost for the year and once I’ve completed my years work, I’ll receive a $4,700 education stimulus.  I use it to pay for the certificate.

Within the next 3 years, I’ll have a Masters of Science in Management with Project Management focus, a Business Management certificate, a Change Management certificate, a Marketing certificate and 7 years of marketing/project team experience. I should have no problem landing a Marketing/Project Coordinators  position.

So, as the title of this post says, life goes on.



  1. I’m not sure what that school is up to, covering their behinds maybe? What they are asking for amounts to evidence, and it probably isn’t in your interest to give it to them.

    • Sadly, the school that I thought was in the clear is a no go. Back to the drawing board again. But hey, maybe this is a good thing.

  2. tick tick tick…

    A few more days goes by 🙂

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