Posted by: jasgreen | June 10, 2009

Career Choices!!!!!?????

O.k., so I deleted the last post because there was a major change in my thought process and besides, I received another rejection notice which sealed my decision that I had enough.

Life has not been that easy for me and it still has all kinds of road blocks. I can still remember sitting in my cancer study class dreaming of the time when I would graduate from college with my Health Science degree. I thought the world would open up for me. I had the house I would live in and the car I would drive already picked out. I could still remember being told, with a college degree, you will make X amount of money over someone that does not have a college degree.

I dreamed of having my own office with my own extension with my own business cards, my title typed in bold black print. I could picture getting up in the morning and getting dressed for work knowing it was going to be a long day. I could picture me driving home after working 10-12 hour days with the windows of my brand new Mercedes C-Class rolled down on a warm day in the summer time.

When graduation day came, I was so excited because it wasn’t going to be long before my dream would be realized. What seems like a cold blistery day in the middle of December could not end fast enough so I could rush home to put on my resume that I was a college graduate. I was all so proud to make the announcement to the working world, “Here I am, I am ready to work.”

Door after door was closed in my face. “Sorry, we can’t hire you.” What jobs I was able to land was nothing more than penny’s on the dollars of what a teenage girl who works at Walmart makes in a day’s time. But, it didn’t matter because I felt I could just work my way up, after all, I’m a college graduate.

When all else failed, I turned to volunteering to encourage the door slammers to give me a chance to improve and makeup for past mistakes. Yes, I don’t have a clean record. I’m branded with a big F on my record. I’ve made bad decisions in my past that society will not let me put behind me. If society could, they would make me drive a pink car with a big F plastered large enough to point out to other in their inner circle never to admit their own faults.

Yet, I don’t blame society. I’m not that type of person. If I’m being bullied, I don’t go off crying and hiding. I pick myself up and keep moving. Years of being teased, mocked and beaten on the school playground has taught me to never give up and never give in to those that think they are better than me simply because they hide their own faults. We all have them. Most are just darn good to keep them hidden from public view.

So, I stop and ask myself what am I doing wrong that I can’t find work beside the fact of the big F on my record that causes a lot of people to turn me away.  It has to be the major of my Bachelors degree. What can I do with a major in Health Science? I can’t go work at Walmart or Radio Shack. I need a business education. I need a degree that would make me marketable to most businesses out there regardless if they hire me or not. I need to make myself marketable by having a skill that I can turn into income potential despite my troubled past.

This is the point where I started to write that I was changing my major in college to Project Management with a strong emphasis on marketing because my current job is in retail marketing and I really love the job a lot. However, it’s a dead in job. There’s no chance of promotion and all I can do is hope that once I graduate from graduate school, someone will hire me for a more advanced position that pays a whole heck of lot better than what I make now, and with benefits. I don’t have the time for wishful thinking anymore. I’m about to graduate with a 100K debt over my head that I cannot risk not being able to land a job to pay back.

Well, an hour ago, I got a call that slapped me right back into the reason why I decided to obtain my master’s degree in accounting and financial management in the first place.  At least I can say with a master’s degree in accounting and financial management is that jobs are plentiful. There’s not a state that isn’t looking for accountants right now. Pass the CPA exam and the demand doubles itself. I don’t have to worry about competing against the secretary who decided she’s tired of answering the phone and wants the entry level accountant position that I’m also applying for. The entry requirement for a staff accountant position requires a degree in accounting. Sr. Level accountants require a degree in accounting and perhaps a CPA. Did I mention there’s no competition from non-accounting major’s? The accounting field follows a very precise career advancement ladder. 0-3 years of experience usually qualify for entry level/Jr. Accountant roles. 3-5 years of experience usually qualify for Staff Accountant positions. 5+ years of experience usually qualify for Sr. Level Accounting positions. Passing the CPA exam can happen at all level though it’s my opinion to wait until 3-5 year of experience that way there is no delay in obtaining the CPA license once all parts of the CPA exam are passed.

I mentioned in the deleted post that I love to travel. I didn’t consider that Internal Auditor travel a lot, sometimes to the extreme.  Internal Auditors also have variety in assignments because no two companies are completely alike. No financial statements are the same from year to year. Though the process maybe the same for arriving at the proper financial reporting, the job is not mundane. As an accountant, I could find myself working on the budget of next years plant expansion plans to calculating the return on investments on the purchase of debt securities from T-mobile.  I could also find myself working on the litigation case of a couple who decides their marriage is not worth retaining or the failing company that is filing bankruptcy.

So, if I gave off the opinion that accounting is not interesting to me, I made a mistake. It is my opinion that accounting will provide me with a marketable skill that I can someday put to use despite any company saying, “We can’t hire you” more than any other major that I can qualify for.  I can someday start my own financial company and not have to deal with anyone turning me done for employment.  Once I pass the CPA exam and gain the experience to obtain a CPA license, I believe there is no stopping me. The sky is the limit with a master degree in accounting and financial management in terms of over coming the odds.

Because I’m tired of being rejected and I know that I beat the odds, I’m not changing my major in college. I’m going to graduate with a Master’s of Accounting and Financial Management. These are the courses I’ve completed so far:

Courses Completed:

-Accounting and Finance: Managerial Use and Analysis

-Managerial Accounting

-Intermediate Accounting I and II

-Mathematics and Statistics for Business

Courses in Progress:

Managerial Finance (Complete in August 09)

I’m halfway through my major with only 7 more courses to complete my degree requirements not including CPA exam prep courses. My school requires that we take the exam prep before graduation. This gives us the chance to pass the CPA exam prior to graduation to better our chances of gaining employment after graduation.

So you see, if I change my major, I would have to start from the beginning which I don’t want to do. I would have to give in to defeat which I’m not about to do.  You can keep slamming the doors in my face. But at some point, your going to have a hard time slamming that door.


I made a milestone this year by becoming a IRS  Certified Advanced VITA/TCE  tax professional. I did what very few did in my tax site by passing all three exam within a month of each other.  The experience I gained was valuable to the point that I can apply as a paid tax preparer for the 2009 tax season. Even if there are compaines out there that still will not hire me, I can set-up shop on my own and prepare taxes out of my home. I can make flyers and pass them out to let people know that I can do their state and local taxes. I’m not letting one negative situation turn me away. It’s on and cracking now.



  1. It sounds like you are well on your way to success!! Passing the CPA exam is a great accomplishment, and you definitely have the right attitude. Staying positive about your goals, your abilities, and your drive to succeed can only help you.

    Its also great that you are starting a prep course before graduation and beginning to prepare yourself for life after school – getting a job can be tough and the further along you are in the process the better!

    Good luck to you!!

    • Thank you…..I’m working hard…but it’s never easy and I have a lot of people that would love to see me fail. But, as I’ve written in my post, I’m a fighter and will continue to better myself in such a way that my accomplishment will make it very difficult for people to turn me away.

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