Posted by: jasgreen | June 14, 2009

My school is better than your school!!!!

For years I’ve had to deal with the students who attend some of the best colleges in the US point fingers and taunt me because of the schools I’ve been too. My undergraduate degree is from a state university. Not one of the best but still worth it’s gold to me. I’m working on a graduate degree from a business school that owns one of the worlds best CPA exam prep courses known for it’s pass rate. Yet, the business school itself is mocked and laughed at.

Student at my school, if they take the prep courses they way it is structured to be taken, have a double pass rate than any other accounting student who does not take the prep courses that my school owns and requires every accounting student to take before graduation. This is according to averages of AICPA.

Over 1500 accounting firms, corporations , government agencies and universities choose my school’s prep courses for the CPA exam review.

400,000 candidates have passed the CPA using my schools prep course.

7 out 10 Watt Sells Award winners prepared with my schools prep courses.

You would think that if my school was such a poor graduate school or a graduate school that should be mocked, then why does it own one the world’s leading CPA exam prep courses in the world. Since they own this exam prep course, isn’t it clear that they should know how to structure a curriculum in accounting so that graduates know what they are doing when they take their first job as Jr. accountants.

In 2007, I gave in to the taunts and left my graduate school for another graduate school simply because of the name.  I ended up returning because the other school’s accounting classes was proven to be weak in training someone to be an accountant and did not even offer any type of preparation for the CPA exam. The school tried to give me a class that was intended for an MBA major, even the textbook author said it was for an MBA major and not accounting students, as a requirement for it’s tax class. Tax class is a major importance for accounting majors. There should be at least 1 or 2 courses that covers Corporate and Individual taxes. These subject will be on the CPA exam. This other school tried to tell me that I didn’t need those classes and all I needed was a class on the theory of why we have taxes. To make a long story short, I ended up dropping that class and it caused me all kinds of problems which I wrote about previously.  I ended up returning back to the school that the top business school student like to mock.

Well to say the least, I’m starting to learn not to pay these wealthy students any mind.  My degree may not be from a top 10-20 accounting business school, but one thing they can’t say is that my education is lacking because the test results speak for themselves.


If your wondering what school I attend, I attend Keller Graduate School of Management owned by DeVry, Inc (DeVry University). Keller Graduate School of Management is older than DeVry was brought by DeVry, Inc. Few know the true history of KGSM. But that’s another story.  My point of this post is that if the school is so lame and not respectable as some of my fellow top 10-20 business school student say it is, then why does my school have the number one CPA exam prep course in the country many whom will end up taking right beside me when it comes time to study for the CPA exam?


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