Posted by: jasgreen | June 21, 2009

Mangina’s the new fad!!!!?????

It came to my attention that there is a new fade that starting to gain publicity these days of men rushing off to surgeons to have penile inversions and calling themselves mangina men.

These surgeries are not the same as vagnioplasty surgery that many PAIS, Vaginal Agenisis, HBS girls and other intersexed women have to obtain a fully functional vagina.

Going to the website of the person gaining the most popularity of the term, the guy turns out to be a homosexual that wanted to turn his penis outside in. I know that sounds weird, but the only place to get such a procedure is in Thailand or India since no real surgeon here in the US would even consider such a procedure.

The surgery basically consist of re-routing the urethra, castration, and inverting the penis along with the glands such that no clitoris is visible. This person who is making headway with his procedure goes on to say that he is not in denial and it is the women who have had vaginoplasty that are the one in denial. So he calls his new anatomy, a Mangina.

He encourages others buttom homosexuals that if they ever wanted to experience sex as a female without the ,”Fishy smell”, and they are bottoms, they should consider what he has done.

He makes claims that there are many top Homosexuals that love the feeling and are eager to meet other bottom Homosexuals like himself that have had the surgery.

O.k., first let me say that as a woman that was born intersexed and will have vaginoplasty in 18 days, I find this man extremely offensive. I’m not offended by his choice to go and invert his penis. I’m offended by his choice of words that puts down all my sisters and brothers are intersexed and have medical records to prove that we are intersexed.

I’m offended that this Homosexual dares to try to say that me and all my other sisters and brothers are in denial since we will not accept his idea that if we have vaginoplasty, we have fake or imitation vagina’s and penises.  This Homosexual makes the claim that no amount of surgery will turn a penis into a vagina.  This thought is just plain ignorance. Of course no amount of surgery will turn a penis into a vagina. Yet, this is not what vaginoplasty does.

Vaginoplasty does not turn a penis into a vagina. The surgery does not cut off nerve supply and blood vessels necessary for healthy functioning. It does not cut off and then sew back on in a different place the glands which any medical professional will tell is the exact same in the female as it is in the male. The vaginal canal which is created during the surgery is in the same location and position that if we stayed female from the 8th week of development would exist today. The tissue that eventually becomes mucosa over time that lines the vaginal canal is either from the shaft of the penis or donor tissue. The urethra is shorten and place in the correct anatomical position. The labia is formed from the either the scrotum, again no different in any other female, or from donor tissue. Thus, when a surgeon has completed the surgery, there is nothing fake about the neo-vagina.

Over time, the neo-vagina will no longer be a neo-vagina as it will take on the texture, biological makeup, and function of any other vagina that exist in the world today on the average female. These kinds of surgeries are not just for girls like me, they are done on infants, girls born without vagina’s and many other conditions that effect the urogenital development phase. For this Homosexual to bluntly say, “We have fake vagina, and we are in denial,” is simply from an ignorant person that has no clue about human development.

This Homosexual goes on to encourage others that want to follow him to lie to the medical community making claims they read up on exactly what to say to these doctors and therapist in order to fool them into thinking they are HBS woman or True Transsexual in need of surgery to live a healthy life. He encourages them to get the hormones but don’t take them and to only dress as women during therapy visits. He totally disregards the WPATH recommendations and the HBSOC saying that he and other like him should be able to do what they want with their bodies without consenting medical approval that he and his followers are in the right mind set to even do such a non-reversible surgery.

If you noticed that I’ve used the term, Homosexual, a lot, it’s because I’m trying to make a point. Homosexuals have long been under the false understanding that Transsexuals are gay men in denial of their sexuality. This is not my own quote, but a quote I heard from a homosexual man during a group session that I attended which was designed to bring the homosexual community together with the transsexual community. I was shocked to hear what I was hearing from these men and women as were the girls whom were there to support the transsexual community.

What these homosexuals fail to understand is that our surgery is not about sex. We are not having surgery because we find female genitalia a sexual arousal. We are not having surgery because we want to have sex like a female. We are not having surgery to play a fantasy game with other gay men and women.

For some of us HBS women and other intersexed women, surgery is a medical necessity. It is about living a healthy meaningful life apart from sex, though sex is apart of everyone life. Studies have shown time and time again what happens to girls and boys that are born with intersexed conditions and are forced to live a gender that is forced upon them that they don’t feel belongs to them. The most noted case involves the Mooney case which ended in a person experiencing a lifetime of torment and eventually death. My case is another case that caused so much trouble that it almost cost me my life. It has nothing to do with sex.

You want to change your sex because you want to have sex as the opposite sex, that’s fine with me. But, don’t lump me into your ideal fantasy land. I have no place in your fantasy at all.  Do not try to insult the thousands of girls and boys that walk the street in every country in the world whom had to endure trauma as children and some as adults into your fantasy land.

We are not Homosexuals in denial, though there are some girls and boys who are homosexual. We do not have fake genitalia or inverted genitalia and wish to name it some weird scientist movie experiment gone wrong. We do not create websites that advertise that people who wish to follow after us lie to the medical community and fool others into thinking we are something that we are not. The doctors that are preforming these surgeries on these men should keep them far away from the intersexed and HBS community as possible.

Lastly, I must say it again for my readers, this is not about sex. None of us have had or will have this surgery so we can parade in front of a mirror and make videos that show off our inverted genitalia to try to lure people into having sex with us. This is not about a fantasy for us. We aren’t stuck in lah lah land where people can switch genders and sex at the clicking of heels as we say, “There no place like reality.”  Consider this homosexual man for what he is and that is nothing more than a man with a cosmetic job done on his penis.



  1. Right on. One thing that HBS people learn early on is that we are polar opposites to homosexual people. That’s not a problem until the homosexuals (men usually) try to tell us who we are. My statement to anyone who does this to us is, “How could you possibly know?”. They are talking out their ass, utterly clueless. People need to understand that.

    This is why it is problematic for HBS to be related in any way with the homosexual subculture. All the “T” activism is aimed at cementing this relationship, and it does intersex people no good. It is, in fact, harmful. Every person coming to terms with their HBS condition needs to understand that for the most part, homosexual men are your enemy. It makes no sense to wear trans on your sleeve and go begging at their doorstep.

    • This guy had me ticked off so much yesterday. I couldn’t believe what I was reading and he was speaking for all us including intersexed people that have had any kind of vaginoplasty surgery so that we can lead happy lives and here he is talking about inverting a penis for the only purpose to have sex. How dare this person. He needs to keep his reasons for himself because most of us don’t do this for sexual reasons. We don’t sit around drooling over vagina’s and wishing that we had one so that we can feel sexually aroused.

      If he ever comes across my blog, here is food for his warped thoughts; what do you say to a female born without a vagina and has to have the same surgery we do, McIndoe procedure, where there is no penis? Before you put your foot in your mouth, I suggest that you use your education and talk with some of these women at the MRKH Organization, Inc. Listen to some of the missing vagina monologue of the trauma these women suffer. And for the record, their procedure is to use skin grafts applied to the vaginal canal that the surgeon must create in the same position as many of us HBS girls must have created. Remember, there’s no donor penis skin so take a guess where they must get this donor tissue from. After the surgery, dilators are necessary to prevent vaginal stenosis. They cannot give birth vaginally, some will never menstruate. So, according to you, do these women have fake vagina’s too? Try telling some of their husbands that the vagina’s their wives have is not real and all they are are a bounce of homosexuals in denial.

      I could on with PAIS women such as myself. Some of us were born with vagina’s, they have a condition called Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome….but I guess since they have no uterus and ovaries, you can say they have Mangina’s too? But before you put your foot in your mouth again, remember, these women were born with vagina’s. Some just need medical help to live happy lives. Like myself, I have some vaginal tissue that has not formed completely. My surgery will make it possible for me to live a happy life and has nothing to do with my sexual preference at all. I could be straight or homosexual myself. My reason for this surgery is to have a somewhat normal life as a female.

      Well anyway, I’m done with this guy. I hope his 15 minutes of fame get’s him where he wants to go in life. Good luck on finding a relationship with a gay man who wants another man with a vagina, oh sorry, I mean mangina.

  2. Do you think this could be Josef Kirchner?

    • You’re right. It is him. Wow…I’m writting a blog about this because this just makes the situation even more important that we distinguish ourselves from people such as him and the many others out there that have gone through SRS for the wrong reasons and through deception and lies.

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