Posted by: jasgreen | June 23, 2009

Surgery is off :(

Dr. Reed called me today with news that I was not willing to take so lightly. He told me that since my blood levels have not increased with the Testostorne shots, he wanted me to get double shots now. I just had a shot yesterday. I told this doctor that I’m Androgen Insensitive Syndrome and my body does not tolerate Testostorne. But he insisted that it didn’t matter that people with AIS should still be able to take the drug and increase the bone marrow.

This makes no sense as my primary care doctors have told me. People with AIS must take hormones because their bodies do not produce estorgen nor do their bodies respond to Androgen. This doctor was in essence forcing my body to take Androgen and even wants me to over dose on Androgen to try to increase blood levels within 16 days. Medically speaking, it’s not possible. Bone marrow takes at least 2 weeks to form and that only if you have medication designed for that to happen. Bone marrow development from Testostorne is only part of what this drug can do. But for a patient with AIS, it’s not the most smart thing to do.

Dr. Reed also said to me that he was concerned with my weight. I told him that I walk and jog 5 miles a day and I eat a caloric deit of 1200 calories a day. He basiclly called me a liar. He said to me that he didn’t believe me and that if I was on such a diet and walking and jogging as many miles as I say, I would below 184 pounds. I told him I have proof that saids I do and he did not want to hear it. He sarcasticly said to me, “How do you know you eat only 1200 calories a day?” Wow, did he just cut me down like that? I told him because I measure everything that goes in my mouth. I drink only water and nothing but water, 8-10 glass a day.

I told him that I have done all that he told me to do in 9 months of preparation for my surgery. Everything this man told me to do, I’ve done. I’ve sent this man $8,700 not including paying for the hotel, airfare, bus fare for my mother whom he requested at the last minute and all the small stuff he told me I had to buy that most SRS doctors provide their patients before they leave their office.

He didn’t like that I brought my own dilators and wants me to buy his set that cost $350. $350 for a dilator set which again most SRS surgeons provide their patients before they leave free of charge or included in the price of the surgery.

I overdose on Vitamin C and Iron pills for the past month and half for this man. My bowel movements are so black its like I pass charco and its hurts too. I’ve endured 3 Testostorne shots only for it to prove to this doctor that people with AIS really don’t respond to Androgen…..that’s why they call it Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome.

This doctor tells me on the phone today, well, you can come but if your weight is over 185LBS I’ll have to turn you away. If you we do do your surgery and you start to bleed out, I’ll have to stop the surgery and tell you to come back another day.

I could not believe what I was hearing. 9 months of preparation. 9 months of working very hard to meet his standards. 9 months of doing exactly what he said for me to do eventhough my doctors, nurses and other SRS surgeons told me his standards are crazy. 9 months of excitement and peaceful thoughts. 9 months of counting down the days until my surgery. 9 months of genital electrolysis endured without any pain medications, I’m a strong black woman. Half of the money that I’ve spent in those 9 months are gone now.  He will not refund me but 50% of what I gave him. I have plane tickets and bus tickets to and from Florida that will go unused and are non-refundable. I’ve lost about $10,000 on this doctor money that I could have saved and put with another SRS surgeon.

I’ll have to start over now from the beginning. With only $4,000 coming back to me from this doctor, I can’t afford to go to any other SRS surgeon. It will take me years to save the kind of money that I sent him and invested on him.

Here’s a lessoned learned my dear readers, if your are HBS or intersexed and you must go through this surgery, do your research on SRS doctors. If they take you well beyond what is standard for surgery clearance, don’t even wastse your time. Don’t go on maybe’s or empty promises and send these doctors thousands of dollars only to have a doctor pull the rug from underneathe you because they failed to listen to you.

I’ve spent I’ve spent 24 years telling doctors that something was wrong with me. No one would listen. They kept telling me that my condition was something that I would grow out of as I aged and matured into a healthy fully functional male. By the time I was 30 years old, I was still being told by doctors that I would develop into a fully functional male. It wasn’t until I had a bilateral orchidectomy and lied to another doctor that I didn’t know where my testicles went that they decided to do test on my body to see what was wrong. “Mrs. Green, you have PAIS and we’re sorry to say but we can’t help you right now because this is something that should have been address when you were a child.”

When I went to this surgeon, I told him right from the beginning that I was 220LBS and that I had PAIS. I explained to him and sent him copies of my medical records about my condition.  I lost 40LBS since November of 2008 as I cut my diet to 1200 calories a day and walked everyday in the rain and cold. My surger dropped to a point where my doctors became concerned but I started myself in a multi-vatmin and this help with my sugar levels. I did what he told me to do.

I brought a pretty dress to where home from surgery that was roomy enough to hide the cather and urine bag. I brought pretty little white opened toed sandle shoes which I would have never brought because I was always told that I have ugly feet. The surgery anticipation brought so much confidence to me. I felt proud to walk the streets and I didn’t feel ashamed about any flaws with my body. Now, I’m back to how I felt when I didn’t know when my surgery was going to happen.

I’m sorry but I have to go now.



  1. There is something very wrong here. He has basically stolen money from you. Before it gets out of hand, you need to probably talk to certain authorities. You need your money back, and you need to keep your head on straight through this. I’ll email you.

  2. Hi Jasmine

    I can just imagine how devastating all this must be for you. Surgeons can be so thoughtless. Try to get the state medcial board to check into his treatment fo you and especially about him confiscating your cash.

    • Thanks,

      Yes, I called two lawyers and spoke with them in depth. They both advised me to work the situation out with Dr. Reed. The problem is that I have no contract with Dr. Reed. Everything is word of mouth right now. I sent him case on word of mouth. I have nothing in writing other than the pre-surgical papers which outlines the possible complications and warnings of having this surgery.

      Both lawyers told me that had we had everything in writing it could be a breach of contract but being that it is all verbal, it kind of like his word against my own right now. All I have is the receipts of what I sent him. The lawyers told me that even if we could take this court, I stand to lose more than what I’m owed back so they recommended that if I could reach an agreement with Dr. Reed that would be better.

      Dr. Reed was more than happy to reach an agreement with me and told me that he wasn’t out to take anyone’s money and that even if I decided that I did not want to have surgery with him the money that is non-refundable would be applied to another surgery such as breast implants.

      After a long discussion with Dr. Reed we both decided that it’s best for me to have my surgery. I’m praying that God is with me and that his works are at hand here.

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