Posted by: jasgreen | June 23, 2009

Who’s behind the Mangina fad?

I received a comment that the person behind this entire mangina fad is none other than Josef Kirchner. If you don’t know the story behind his situation, then please goggle his name because there is tons of information surrounding his situation and why he is the way he is today.

I ran across his story a couple of years ago as I was researching SRS regrets. His amongst others was documented on MSNBC which led many people to speculate that SRS should not be performed. Yet, if you watch closely and you read their stories, these people along with Josef, the Mangina, Kirchner were not true HBS, intersexed or transsexual women and men. They were people who simply became obsessed with the ideal of having the opposite sex genitalia.

These are the very people that HBS supporters are fighting against each day. We are fighting to make it known that we are not these people and we should not be placed into the same category as these people. We do not seek SRS because of some fantasy or because we think life would be better as the opposite sex.

There is no doubt that the standards need to be much more stringent on who is able to have this surgery. I thank G-D that it has taken me 15 years of living full time as a female before I was able to have surgery and that I have surgeon that is putting me through all the test to make sure this is right for me and for him. There is not a doubt in my mind that these people faked their way into getting surgery only to end up regretting their decisions as time passed by.

What’s sad about this kind of regret story is that we have a person who claims that they were a MTF true transsexual, went as far as taking hormones for 2 years and had facial feminization surgery, then later went and had SRS to only end up working in the porn industry and taking in gay men who finds him mysterious and something to discover sexually.

He then creates a website incorporating a title that has been used in a derogatory meaning for years that involved rapping men in prison, fem queens who refer to their anus as mangina’s, and movie scenes from the, “Silence of the lambs,” where one man take his penis and testicle and cross his legs giving him the impression that he has a vagina. Is this truly something we as transsexuals, HBS women, intersexed women want to be associated with?

All anyone has to do is read his blog site, his bio page and the other websites he created to find that this person had a terrible childhood. Clearly the abuse and trauma he faced as a child has had an effect on his entire life. His sexuality could even be a direct result of the neglect he faced from a parent that was abusive and an alcoholic. He states himself that he and his mother never had a bounding relationship and she passed without the two of the ever reconciling their differences. His father was not involved in his life and the one father whom he knew turned out not to be his biological father. It’s no wonder that someone would grow up confused, neglected and perhaps even associating sex with love behavior. Read his mangina page and you will see that he’s no stranger in taking in men for sexual purposes who find him the least bit of curious and wants to try it out.

In life we all have our problems, we all have situations that are unique to us and no other individual. Although some may have similar situations, no body has the same life as someone else. How we choose to deal with these issue is the most important aspect of the lessons we learn in this life. Instead of learning that he was not what he thought he was, he ran with the situation and has now began to put down others by saying that we are living in denial.

There is no way that I know of any girls who have gone through this procedure, rather they be HBS, intersexed or both that has ended up realizing that they made a mistake, decided to speak out about it and then ends up making a living by selling themselves to the porn industry.

Sometimes we really need to know who is behind the fads that exist in our life time because sometimes you maybe shocked why that person even decided to create such a fad that would do so much harm to other people.


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