Posted by: jasgreen | June 26, 2009

I will have my surgery on July 10th :)

Well, Dr. Reed called and explained to me that it was all a misunderstanding and that he has no problem doing my surgery. He told me that he was trying to explain the possible negatives of the surgery and that I was cleared for surgery. Dr. Reed even offered to use some of his frequent flyer miles so that I would not lose money on the pre-paid plane and bus fare.

I’ve also been in contact with a few attorney’s and they told me that in this kind of situation it’s best to try to work out the differences with the Doctor before heading to court because this could easily end up costing more than what I would get back if we won the case.

Dr. Reed assured me that he was not out to harm anyone and that he was trying to explain to me the possible downsides of the surgery. He said that he never meant to say that I could not have surgery and that if I needed to reschedule I could. He said that anytime that I want surgery just call Anne and she would take care of me which is exactly what she did.

Once I explained the situation to Anne, she immediately placed me back on the schedule for the same time and date. I called the Hotel up and re-confirmed my stay from the 7th until the 22nd. And, I ended up getting a Hotel that is only 3 min away from Dr. Reed at a cheaper price (The White House Inn).

Dr. Reed still wants me to continue over the next 14 days to take two more Testosterone injection which I’m going to get today. I pray that everything goes well because I really can’t afford for them not too.

Dr. Reed also told me that although the surgery deposit is non-refundable, the money would go towards any other surgery he offers. So, if I wanted breast implants instead of SRS, he would add the non-refundable portion of the breast implants to his cost for breast implants. He said he does not keep patients money.

Thus, my surgery is still on and I’m back on the countdown to rebirth. I will re-post this in my blog with the exact same words for many readers of my blog who do not belong to this site.


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