Posted by: jasgreen | July 7, 2009

Missed flight and Delay of flights!!!!!!!

As luck would have it, Priceline sent an email with a update on my flight which I failed to look at carefully. I was scheduled to fly at 5:45pm which I thought was 6:45pm. I arrived at the airport at 5:30pm just after the cut off for my flight. When I went to pick up my ticket at the ticket counter, they told me that my flight had left already.

Of course, I didn’t understand what was going on since I understood my flight to be an hour away. Once they told me what had happened they placed me on the next flight out which was an hour and half later. Instead of getting to Fla at 11:30pm, I will not be arriving in Fla until after 2:30am.  Lucky for me I packed a pillow and blanket to cover the extra night sleep in the airport. Did I mention that I do not have any extra cash on me?

Well, I continue to say my prayers so that this turbulence can pass me by. It seems that the black dark clouds is still over my head. I only wish that it would pass me by very fast that I may get on with my life.

positive note, school started back up yesterday and I’m not happy with the class assignment that I chose. I should have stayed in the Managerial Finance class but instead I convinced my adviser to switch me the marketing class. Bad mistake. If you don’t know already my major is Accounting with an emphasis with Certified fraud Examiner.  Though I will have enough credits to take the CPA exam, I prefer to take the CFE exam and the CIA and work as an internal auditor.

Well my flight has arrived at the gate and now I’m about to board the plane. I will try to update on any important information that develops.

Thanks for reading.


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