Posted by: jasgreen | July 11, 2009

It’s a girl :) I’m complete.

Yes, my surgery was performed yesterday. I’m just coming out of sedation and I may doze off while I write this blog entry. I have absolute no pain. The only uncomfortable part is the urinary cathera in place which gives me the feeling of   having the need to pee all the time. My nurse said this actually pain from my the catheter and kept asking me if I want pain meds. I didn’t take my pain meds until I was transferred to the Hotel. Other than that, I feel no real unbearable pain.

Dr. Reed was real concerned after surgery because I began to bleed. But Anne encourage him to wait it out before rushing me to the hospital. Indeed, the bleeding stopped. That was the only complication I had and I must say it was a minor situation rather than a major which Dr. Reed thought.

Sadly, the dilator sets that I brought, didn’t satisfy Dr. Reed. He wants me to purchase them from his office which cost $350. I will not be able to buy these at this moment because I have no money. So, if any of compassionate readers wishes to contribute, please email me. I can work out arrangement to pay you back once my loan check arrives next month. I asking the public for money but I would hate to arrive at this point only to have to be re-opened because I don’t have the right set. So please consider me and email me with any donation if you can….every little bit helps.


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