Posted by: jasgreen | July 12, 2009

Post-op day 2

Dr. Reed allowed me to take a look at my new vagina today and I must say that I’m very impressed. I’m still swollen down there still some definition. My expectation are still very high and I wanted to see more definition than what’s there. To calm my nerves a little, I began to look at website with post-op pictures like Anne Lawrence and I noticed that most of the pictures were taken weeks after the surgery which I then told myself that I need to give myself some time to actually see what the final results will look like.

Dr. Reed said that if I’m not happy he can do a second stage but he feels that I don’t need it. I just wanted more labia major and minora. Dr. Reed said that it would be difficult to obtain that with the little donor tissue that I had. By all means this is not a complaint. I very happy with the results and to really see what it looks like in the end, I’ll have to wait for about another 7 weeks. If at that time, I would like to have more definition, I can then go back to Dr. Reed and he said that he would do that for me at no additional cost.

Dr. Reed said that I’m very attractive down there and that no man would actually see a problem. Outside of seeing vagina’s on xtube and pictures, I can’t judge to say for sure I know what one looks like in person.

Switching topics, I have very little pain. I feel like I have to pee all the time because of the catheter in me. Once that comes out, I’ll be able to feel very comfortable down there.  I’ve noticed that few girls write about the catheter and the effects and for me this is the most unpleasant feeling I have. It keeps me up at night because I constantly feel I need to run to the bathroom. Outside of that, I’m fine.

I can eat solid foods without any trouble although, I’ve kept myself on a liquid diet while I’m still bandage down there. I drink plenty of fluid. Most of the food that I brought has spices in it and I didn’t pay attention to the ingredients which Dr. Reed said I should stay away from any spices until after the first week of surgery. So, next week I can start to eat my spices again. This means, I’ll be eating my baby food and Jello until next week along with plenty of water.

O.k. I’m going to get some more rest now….talk with you all later.


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