Posted by: jasgreen | July 17, 2009

7 days post-op

It’s been 7 days since my surgery and today marks the day that I begin dilation and the packing is removed from my vagina. The feeling of the packing coming out felt more like a bowel movement than the pain that I expected to have. What was painful was the removal of the drip tube and the second belly button that is used to hold the vagina in place.

Dilation is not the most pleasant event that I look forward to but it’s also not at all painful as I have read. I thought I would be so open down there that I could get the largest stent in but that is not the case. I have to start with the smallest stent and work my way to the second stent for 45 minute, 5 times a day. I’m more anxious to be able to accomondate the largest stent because that marks the time when I’ll be able to have my first sexual experience and right now, it seems so far off.

My appearance down there is wonderful although I would like to have the second stage down which Dr. Reed does not charge for. I’ll return in 3 months for that which will give me an even better appearance down there. I’m sure that I look very natural down there now aside of the swelling that I currently have. I’m not massively swollen, but I’m still very raw and swollen down there that I can tell needs much more healing.

Overall, I’m happy people, I’m complete now. My body is not between two sexes now and I can finally be just one sex now. I’m resting now and still trying to keep up on my homework.  So off I go now to rest some more and to dilate again. Stay tuned for more continuing updates.


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