Posted by: jasgreen | July 19, 2009

My first UTI :( I think.

I could not take it any longer and I had to remove that indwelling catheter despite Dr. Reed saying that I should keep it in for 12 days. He told me that last Friday when I had the packing removed that he could remove the catheter but he felt more comfortable with leaving it in for 12 days because only 80% of people could go pee after only having the catheter in for 7 days. There would be a 20% chance that I would not be able to urinate if he removed it on the 7th day. Yet every SRS doctor removes the catheter on or before 7 days to avoid complications with long term use of a indwelling catheter.

I was in constant pain from that thing. Bowel movements were extremely painful and I always had this burning and painful feeling so intense that it felt like I had to pee but couldn’t. Last night, I was in deep sleep only to be woken up in extreme pain and discovered my drip bag was not emptying as it should. It felt like someone had taken a razor blade to my urethra. So, I made the decision that it had to come out today. I followed his instruction for removing the catheter and got real scared as I noticed when I cut the airline and waited for the water to stop flowing the tube was not coming out as comfortable as others have said it should be. I wanted to call 911. But I waited and it started to fall out on it’s own and it was painful.

Once it came out, I noticed that I was swollen down there and I put ice and heat to combat the swelling. I then had the feeling that I had to pee but nothing was coming out. I started to panic again and wondered if Dr. Reed was right. I called my health insurance nurse on duty and explained the situation and she told me to call Dr. Reed right away. I didn’t want to do that because I knew that Dr. Reed would not be happy with me removing the catheter after 9 days instead of 12 days. I called my mom and she told me to drink plenty of water and give it some time. Tabby said the same thing. I can tell you I was really scared that I would have to make a trip to the ER to have the catheter put back in.

After drinking plenty of water, I felt the need to sit on the toilet. I barred down just a little so not to put strain on my bladder muscles and I heard the water hitting the toilet water. I was peeing. I’m really numb down there and I didn’t even know I was going. I was so happy that I had my first urine movement without the catheter and proved that I could pee. Afterwards, I felt a burning sensation and the feeling that my bladder was still full but I know it wasn’t. I think I have a UTI which is not uncommon for women who have catheter in for so long. My mom told me she had the same thing happen and to call my doctor in the morning and order antibiotics.

So, now I’m off to endure the burning sensation for a few more days as my body gets used to being normal again.


Had my second pee and no cloudy urine. My urine is not bloody. So I could be wrong with the self dx of UTI. I most likely am feeling the after effects of the catheter being in so long.


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