Posted by: jasgreen | July 22, 2009

Wound separation ….O my….

Well I have started to notice that there some pinkish color tissue that is starting to show up and it looks bad. It doesn’t hurt or cause me any problems but I wanted to make sure that there is not any problems that could cause me problems down the line. So, I called the doctor to make sure he looks at me before I head back home.

The doctor comes into my room and examines me for the last time today. He tells me that I have some wound separation but the tissue is healing so well that he cannot do anything for it right now. He tells me to return in 3 months for labiaplasty and he will fix that problem then. He also tells me that uretha has puffy lips syndrome…lol. He’ll take care of that also in 3 months.

My healing is going so well right now that I’m starting to regain sensitivity in areas which don’t happen for most girls for at least 6-8 weeks. I believe it is because I’m using the Estrogen Vaginal Cream that I spread all over. I’m also starting to get electrical shocks all over my genitalia now that sometimes sends into jolts like I’m having a shock treatment. It’s not the best of feeling when it comes from the urethra.

I’m happy, nevertheless, I wish I could stay in Fla for a bit more time and see more of the sites that Miami has to offer. But, it is time for me to go home now.  I’ll return in October for labiaplasty and some touch up work.  I have a payday coming up in about 3 more weeks and I’ll pay for the hotel, the return flight, and put some money away for any unexpected cost. Ok enough for now…talk with you later.


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