Posted by: jasgreen | July 25, 2009

Female Orgasm….O my :)

It’s 14 days post-op and I was able to have my first female orgasm. O my….what a feeling. I shouldn’t be able to do this right now nor do I recommend anyone do what I did so few days after having a major surgery, but the build up was so strong that I couldn’t help but try.

I kept having the feeling that I could but was afraid to try out fear that I would rupture something. But each day, I gain more and more feeling down there and I have these jolts of shocks that cause me to jump. Tonight was a special night for me. My sutures were removed and as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep, I became very aroused. I was so aroused that I began to have spasm in my vulva area. I couldn’t believe it. Was this what I think it is? No way, it’s way to early for this to happen. Most girls aren’t able to orgasm until 6 or 7 months after surgery. Some girls never regain the ability to orgasm after this kind of surgery.

So, I reached over, grab my Astroglide and went to town. I could feel the build up. It kept building up and finally it was there. I was this scared when I had my first orgasm at 14 years old but now I had good reason to be afraid. Were the contraction going to be so strong that I would rupture something. The contraction continued. 8 strong contractions. Then it was over. I got up turned the light on and checked to make sure everything was o.k. No bleeding. But, I was very wet and the towel was wet as well.

Now that I know that I can make it happen. I’m not so sure that I want to make it happen again so soon after surgery. It’s too early for this happen. I’m supposed to be healing and not making myself have orgasm. I’ll have to find a way to relieve myself of the desire to orgasm until I think it’s safe to do so which should be no less than 6 to 8 weeks after surgery.

Nevertheless, it sure felt good.


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