Posted by: jasgreen | November 21, 2009

Remembering our dead 2009

A lot of you will not like what I have to say. But I feel it is something that needs to be said and heard.

I don’t understand when the TG community will learn that if you dress, act, look, and tell someone that you are a female when in fact you are not and go as far as being in a relationship with someone rather that be a one night stand, you are obligated to inform that person about your true sex.

Notice that I did not say woman because it is my opinion that being a woman goes beyond the genitalia. However, being female is entirely exclusive of being male. There is not denial of this since being female involves the absence of male genitalia, hormonal levels and secondary sex characteristics completely different (opposite) of male.

You can put on a dress, wear make-up, put on lace wigs, inject silicon into the body and even take hormones to present yourself to the world that you are a woman. But, when you meet that special someone and you pretend to be male or female when you are not, then you cross the line of deception so much so that it puts your life in danger.

It sadden my heart when I see the senseless death of so many that if they only were truthful from the beginning, many would be still alive today. The reality of it all is that few people go on a witch hunt to seek out and kill transgendered or transsexual women and men. Most of the deaths results from deception. Few are of post-op transsexuals.

How difficult is it to be truthful? Why does it kill people just to be honest about who they are? This whole stealth thing we keep passing on to one another is crazy and detrimental to our well being. Regardless if you have testicles and a penis between your legs or a vagina create by birth or at the hands of a talented surgeon, there is someone for each of us out there.

Tranny chasers love transgendered women so much that they pay hundreds of dollars to be with one for just one hour. They have their own dedicated websites which they clearly have made it known that they have no interest in transexual women who are post-op. Some of these men would not even think about dating a post-op girl simply because they are too female for their liking. Post-op girls are missing that special package they seek. I don’t discriminate against them. To each is his or her own.

There are men and women who don’t mind if you are post-op as long as your honest from the beginning. So, the excuse that being honest leads to loneliness is just a fairy tale told by the few who are ignorant to reality.

Living stealth has become such a big issue today that we have girls that make claims that if you have surgery and it doesn’t result in you being able to give birth and menstruate, you have nothing more than an inverted penis. I’ve had friends that wanted me to put on big wigs, wear padded underwear and put on make up because I wasn’t passable to them. Girls spend thousands of dollars to have their faces reconstructed to be passable. Some girls diet to the point of almost killing themselves just so they can look skinny enough to be passable. Then there are the girls who inject Home Depot products into their bodies at the risk of dying or running off to Mexico to have ribs removed just to be passable.

This isn’t about being a woman, this about living up to someone expectations of what a woman/female should look like. I can walk down the street and hold my head up because I know that I’m a woman/female. I have no desire to inject myself with harmful products, put on tons of make-up, where big wig or to have breast implants the size of basketballs.

My identity is solid enough to the point that I can talk to someone whom I meet and tell them on the first date before I take them home with me that I am a woman born with PAIS and I was born with male genitalia and now I have had sex reassignment surgery so that I can live my life comfortable. If he can’t handle that, then I’m not his type of girl. I’m o.k. with that. Maybe he wants a girl that can give birth or one that can menstruate each month. Maybe he wants a girl that was born female. I respect that and understand that that is his right to not be deceived.  It’s wrong for me to tell him anything different. I don’t want a man that is really into women with penises  only to be told later in the relationship after I start having emotional feeling for him that he is prefers these kind of women. Do you see the point?  Had he told me right from the moment that we started dating, I would have told him that he is not my type of man and he could see that I’m not his type of girl.

A man that wants a woman born with a vagina has every right to expect that the woman he is dating is what she presents herself to be. If that woman is anything but that, then it is the woman’s obligation to tell that man that she is not what she appears to be. I rather for that man to get up from that table and walk out calling me all kinds of nasty words then for me to take him home with me and we start to become intimate only for him to discover that I’m not what he taught and he loses his mind and kill me or beat me half to death.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that any violence is justifiable, because it isn’t. I’m merely pointing out that the violence could be prevented if the truth was made known from the very beginning.

Ladies, there is no such thing as stealth living. It’s all deception and lies. You can build a relationship based upon truth, or you could build a relationship based upon deception but at some point, the truth will surface. Let us learn from these girls that have lost their lives and even some boys such as Brandon Tina. They would be still with us today if only they were truthful about who they were.


Enough already.


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