Posted by: jasgreen | December 6, 2009

Gender does not equal Male or female.

I happen to come across another YouTube video where there are some who point out the biological bases for gender as being equal to that of being female or male. However, It should be noted that the studies that have proven that transsexuals have brain structure similar to that of XX Females has nothing to do with gender. How can any study of brain structure prove that the deceased individual gender was male or female?

Gender is purely psychological. It is not biological and the evidence of this are the alarming cases of children being diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria at young ages and then suddenly growing out of the dysphoria once they’ve reached an age where they feel more like the gendered their parents tried to raise them as.

Nevertheless, sex is biological. You are either male or female. You can be a female that feels like a man or a male that feels like a woman. There is no biological test that can determine gender because its purely a state of mind. Yet, there are a number of test that can prove if you are male or female.

This brings up the next point, one can be female with mixed sexual characteristics that differ from what we consider to be the norm.  For instance, one can be female but born with XY chromosomes. Again, this has nothing to do with gender. It has nothing to do with how one feels about themselves as a person. We call this type of condition and intersexed condition. It is not the same as a transgendered condition in which there is a healthy male or female (there are few transgendered females as opposed to transgendered males) who feels like they are a woman or man.

The confusion comes about when we have a group of people that insist that they are within the same condition. A transgendered person is not the same as a transexual just as a transexual is not the same as an intersexed person. Each group has it own condition and each are separate from the other. Yet. there are some who wish to try to make it very clear that each are the same.

I don’t feel as though I need to explain what a transsexual person is because I have written on this topic before. A transgendered person is a male or female that feels like a woman or man. A transgendered person may or may not seek sex reassignment because the issue for them is not their sex. For the transgendered person, the issue is being seen and accepted as a woman or man despite their biological sex. For most transgendered persons, their sexual anatomy is very stable and they do not seek to have reassignment surgery.

For the transsexual, the issue is not about acceptance as a woman or man but more about their sexual anatomy.  For the transsexual, it is about being male or female and it can only be solved by having sex reassignment surgery. For the transsexual, living as a male or female is considered life or death. Most transsexual who don’t have surgery ended up with severe social issues, emotional problems and/or end up taking their own lives.

So, you can see the difference from the group. It is a shame that you have so many people that simply do not understand this very basic distinction. It is no wonder we have parents and therapist diagnosing their children as being transsexual when in fact their child may only be suffering from Gender identity disorder which does not call for surgery of any kind. Gender identity disorder is not a life threatening condition where as transexuality is a life threatening condition.

It should also be noted that transexuality is progressive. It is not something you grow out of. Children that suffer from transsexualism are distinct from children who have gender identity disorder. Since transexuality is progressive, the condition if left untreated has devastating effects on the child. Some children will resort to trying to cut off their own sex organs. Others will react in such a way that their behavior becomes anti-social. Some children will resort to harming others. If you haven’t noticed by now, now of this has anything to do with their gender.

Another distinction that should be made which is clearly evident in the person who suffers from transsexualism is a hatred for their own genitalia. These people will tell you that they must have surgery to correct their condition. It’s not an option for them. You will not hear from a person who suffers from transsexualism that they are happy with their genitalia unless they have had sex reassignment surgery. They will not be escorts that you see on the internet or on Craig’s list. Chances are they are not in a sexual relationship simply because they despise their genitalia so much so that they cannot stand the site of using their sex organ that bring any type of enjoyment or pleasure.

Finally, a person who suffers with transsexualism, once they have sex reassignment surgery, will feel at peace with themselves and for the most part cease to have any signs of transsexualism. For these people, there is no such thing as being a post-op transsexual.  After surgery, they cease to identity with any type of transsexualism and simply begin to live their lives as normal female which the transgendered community call stealth living. Yet, these men and women aren’t living stealth at all. They simply are living what they consider themselves to be, male or female.

I hope that you may have a better understanding of this after reading my blog because it is so much information that is misleading the public these days to think that a transgendered person is the same as a transsexual. Gender does not equal male or female.  One can be a man who feel like a woman but this does not say that one can be a man who is actually female.  Man/Woman  and Female/Male are not equal. One is social and the other is biological.


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