Posted by: jasgreen | January 19, 2010

Hormone Headaches

When I was young, I would get these pounding headaches that became regular to me during the beginning of each month. I still remember the day that they began and I had to be about 10 years old right around the age of puberty beginning. These headaches would be random with some months worse than others. There were times that all I wanted to do was stay in bed and sleep off the pain while other months, the pain was not as intense and I could go outside and play with all the other kids on my street.

As with all my other problems, my doctors just rule it to be cluster headaches and told me that it would go away in time. But, I knew that it was sometime much worse than what they were telling me. As I got older, the headaches continued and the doctors began to fear that I had a brain tumor and ordered a CT of my head. Nothing of course was discovered and they simply told me once again that it was stress. This was a diagnosis that I would not accept simply because I could feel that it went beyond me stress. I also question why I could pin point the exact time and day that I would have these headaches. As I got older, I contributed my headaches to hormonal issues which I knew I had. Yet, every doctor just brushed it off and never really took the time to think, perhaps these headaches are Homornal headaches experienced by 60 percent of women who suffer from migraines.

As I began to study my condition further, I came across an article which described the signs of hormonal headaches and it was as if I was reading about my monthly ordeal (which I have now label, my cycle) that someone had peered into my life.

“A clue that hormonal shifts may be a factor is if your headaches occur just before your period or during menstruation; this is the case for 60 percent of women with migraines”
~ Dr. Christina Peterson (The Women’s Migraine Survival Guide)

“Hormonal migraines usually seem to be triggered by changes in estrogen and progesterone levels. There seems to be a link between estrogen and serotonin, a chemical which is believed to be closely related to migraines. At the time in your cycle when the estrogen drops, so does the serotonin. And so, migraine seems to most often occur when estrogen levels, which have just been high, drop. Often a woman will get her first migraine during adolescence for this reason. Before the teen years, males and females both get migraines equally. But after mentruation begins, females get 3x the migraines. Welcome to the world of menstrually related migraines (MRM).”

Now I know that my graduate school professors will be rolling over in their beds because I’m not properly siting APA here, but this is my blog and if you don’t like it, go some place else. I’m nothing writing a scientific article here, I’m only giving my readers some information on what I believe is the cause of my problem.

Anyway, when I would talk to my friends about my cycle, they used to think I was crazy because I would talk about the emotional ups and downs and the pounding headaches causing me to just sleep all day for like a week. “You don’t have a menstrual cycle and it only makes you look stupid when you say you have a cycle.”

Ok…ladies, I don’t menstruate.  I don’t have ovaries and I don’t have a uterus for that to happen. But, I certainly have a cycle, a hormal cycle. For those that don’t know from reading my other post, I have PAIS. This means that my body has a slight intolerance to androgen’s.  This slight intolerance causes my body to reject a good portion of the androgen’s produced and allows my estrogen levels to increase. This in turns causes and imbalance of hormones. The imbalance of hormones causes headache as the body is signaling that something is not balanced. This occurs month after month for me almost at the same time each month. This is not my mind playing tricks on me because there are real physical signs such as the headache itself which varies in intensity each month, lose of appetite, stomach sickness, occasional bleeding with no sited cause or pain associated (nose or rectal-doctors are still looking for the cause of this), loss of energy level, sensitivity to bright light. Sounds like a migraine doesn’t it. But, my doctors have ruled out migraines. I’ll spare you some crusmome stuff that have occurred to me over the years that began when I turned 10 years old.

No…I don’t menstruate, but I know what it is to suffer from hormonal headaches each month. I suggest that anyone who has suffered as I did growing up, being born intersexed and being lied too by doctors and having doctors ignore your problems, if you suffer from these kind of headaches….please let me know what you do that helps you. I’ve tried everything from Tylenol, Excedrin and Midol and still have yet to find a solution. In the meantime, sleep during that time of the month is my only way of dealing with the problem or if I can’t sleep, just baring the pain until it goes away.

Here is a link for those interested in learning more about Hormonal Headaches…..


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