Posted by: jasgreen | March 10, 2010

Transgendered does not equal Transsexual

I’m sure I touched upon this subject before and I think I need to touch upon it again until there is a clear distinction between the two. I know that there are some readers out there that will find what I’m about to say highly offensive. I will not apologize for what I’m saying because it is my own belief and I stand strongly as a woman that was born intersexed and a woman that was raised to be male despite all that has happened to my body contrary to the male designation.

There exist in our lifetime people that love to be as close to a female designation as possible without ever really being female. For instance, you can take hormones, have breast implants and even perhaps have facial feminization surgery to appear as female. Yet, despite that these people act, look and want to be recognized as females, they are in fact males who have no problem remaining males. Let me explain a little further. These people are born (as they say) feeling as if they are women/girls. They love being women/girls. But, they also love their male genitalia and find it repressive to have them removed. They will tell you that they love their genitalia but feel like they are women/girls. This condition is not a transsexual condition.

The majority of these people who feel this way are males. Very few, if any, female born into the world will have a mastectomy, a radical hysterectomy, take testosterone so that she can look and act like a man and still admit that she, who now becomes a he, loves her female anatomy and wants to be recognized as a man/boy. Even most lesbian will not take it to this extreme in all but the rarest cases. You will find many lesbians who are what they call butch but they still identity as female and they love their female anatomy. Thus you see very few females who behave as the males who want to be women but maintain their male anatomy.

On the other hand, you have a person born as a male/female and later in life feels like they are a female/male . This group of people have a major issue with their anatomy. Some go through major discomforts to point of wanting to commit suicide. The older these people get that they remain untreated, the more they become despondent to the point where it begins to effect their social and psychological well being. At some point, the pain becomes so unbearable, that they seek medical treatment. The only way to heal these groups of people is through surgery. These are the true transsexuals. These groups of people are not transgendered. This is the group of people that Dr. Harry Benjamin wrote about, studied and tried to help. True Transexualism affects both male and female and not just one sex as transgenderism does.

A true transsexual would never, ever, say to anyone that they love their birth anatomy. They have a difficult time even associating with that part of their body. Some of these people have such a uncomfortably for that area of their body that they cut themselves or have tried to remove parts that they feel should not be there.

A true transsexual could never be a transsexual escort. Now I know that there are girls out there that have saved their money for surgery this way. These girls are the hardest to find because once they have their surgery, they no longer try to associate with that environment.  Their way of life was simply to come up with enough money for surgery and; notwithstanding that they hate using that area of their bodies, many will never admit that to their clients let alone make Youtube video’s telling the entire world how much they love their male anatomy.

This is a tough pill to swallow for many of the transgendered people of our society simply because they feel they are the same as a true transsexual. They wish to have the same laws geared towards true transsexual also cover the transgendered as well. If a transsexual who has had sex reassignment surgery is legally able to marry in most states and be legally seen as a female, the transgendered person feels as though those laws should apply to them as well since they live and act as women even though they are males.

Sadly, the transgendered person fails to recognize that transsexual women and transgendered women are not equal. Beginning with medical treatment all the way to the GYN office.  The two are not going to be able to have the same legal issues nor medical issues. The transgendered person has a major concern with hormone levels as it effects the libido. To much estrogen, the ability to maintain erections becomes a problem. Also, the male sex drive starts to become so low that the person will not have the same drive as most males have for sex. For the transgendered person, the key is feminization without losing the ability to maintain erections and still be able to perform as a male in their sex lives.

Second, for the transgendered person, ejaculation begins to fades over time with estrogen use. For some Transgendered women, this is a major concern because their ability to ejaculate and have penetrative sex is key to their salary. Their clients pay big dollars to be able to walk into a room and see a beautiful woman fully clothed but as they undress this woman, she has what no other woman has in terms of her anatomy. Some of these men even expect for these women to penetrate them. So, you can see this is an issue medical issue that a transsexual woman will not have.

Third, for the transgendered person, legality is not equal to the transsexual woman. A transsexual woman who has had sex reassignment surgery is considered in most states to be equal to that of a woman born with the right anatomy. A transsexual woman can legally use the female bathroom and not worry that if she is caught, she can be arrested. A transsexual woman can legally, in most states, be married to a man and obtain benefits as any other legally married couple. A transsexual woman can legally have her drivers license, birth certificate and medical records reflect that she is in fact a female. A transgendered person cannot legally have her drivers license, birth certificate or medical records say female. And, a transsexual woman who has had SRS, if arrested for any crime, must be searched by a female and must be placed with all the other female. On the other hand, a transgendered woman, will still be searched, undressed in front of a male police, prison guard, and placed with all the other males in the prison system no matter how much she cries that she is a woman. Now some prison will keep the transgendered person in segregation, but most prison do not have the space to do this and unless the life of the transgendered person becomes an issue, they will be placed in general population.

Lastly, a transgendered person does not have to worry about visiting a GYN. She will not get a yeast infection (unless she comes into contact with a female that has a yeast infection and they have intercourse), bacterial vaginosis, Vaginal discharges of any kind, the chance of her catching a UTI is very small, Vaginal tears are not an issue (rectal tears is something different and isn’t treated by a GYN), Excessive douching will not throw off  her vaginal  flora since she has no vagina, I think  you see what I’m saying when I say that a transgendered persons medical issues are not the same as a transsexual womans’ issue. No matter how much the transgendered person wants to mock the transsexuals neo-vagina, the GYN still considers it to be a functional vagina. Call it what you want, a dick turned inside out, an outty pushed innie, a man made vagina, or even a delusional vagina. In medical terms, the transsexual woman has a neo-vagina and after some time (12 months), its no longer is considered a neo-vagina because the tissue becomes mucosa having the same consistency as any other females vagina. (Note: here is the link to the study but you need to have access to read the full study: As a student, I have access through my schools library system:

I’ve heard transgendered women say insults that transsexual women vagina’s are fake since they can’t bleed each month or that they can’t give birth to a baby. It would be delusional for transsexual woman to think of their vagina in the way that they are thinking. I have a vagina, it’s a neo-vagina, it’s functional and I do not try to pretend that my vagina is the same as that of any other female born with a vagina.  However, the fact that I have a neo-vagina does not lessen the fact that I have a vagina nor does it lessen the fact that I’m a female (legally and biologically which I have already explained in my other posts). I’m not the only woman with a neo-vagina walking the streets and neo-vagina’s have been around way before they were doing SRS on transsexual women. There are plenty of women in the world and born each day that will need a neo-vagina at some point in their lives and these are women were/are born with XX Chromosomes. So, I don’t feel alone and in fact, me and these women have more in common with each other than any transgendered woman could possibly have in common. Sorry if that offends you, but that’s just reality.

I never did touch upon the issue that transsexual women have different hormone issues than transgendered women other than going into depth how the transgendered woman hormone concerns are different from that of the transsexual woman. I think I made the point very clear and I don’t think I need to go any further on that issue.

The bottom line is that the two groups are not equal. For a transgendered person to assume the rights and identity of a transsexual woman is just wrong. The results of such umbrella term as transgendered being equal to transsexuality has caused much confusion and I believe that true transsexual women should begin to stand up for their own identities. It is for this very reason that I support the HBS groups out there fighting each to keep themselves separated from the umbrella term. As an intersexed person and a transsexual woman, I do not want to be lumped into a group of people that have no clue about my own struggles and my own medical issues that I face on a daily basis.  I do not feel as though these girls are equal to me in terms of my identity nor my medical issues and for that matter, transgendered girls should have their own group/identity.

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