Posted by: jasgreen | July 5, 2010

1 year post-op and my last post :(

Well, a year has come and gone and I must finally say goodbye to my blog. I really feel no need to continue posting as I am finally at a point in my life where I can truly be myself and be happy. My confidence has grown so much in this year and I venture out now into areas that I used to shy away from.

I no longer hear the voices in my head that keep holding me back. I smile more and I take bold steps which I used to push and keep others away from. I no longer feel that I have a big secret to hide or that I’m not who I say I am. Though I haven’t met the right man to settle down with, I don’t believe it will be long now before I can finally say, ” I think he is the one.”

I still have some small hurdles to cross, such as the second stage of my surgery, but, this is such a small procedure that its really no big deal at all. The only thing holding me back from having this procedure is my weight issues. I love to eat. I love pizza. I love eating subs and philly cheesesteaks. So my weight goes up and down. My doctor wants me to be at 160LBS before he will do the second stage on me.  I would have to lose 30 LBS. The problem with this is that I’m happy with the way I look right now. Of course, I have some parts of my body that I don’t like. I wish my face was slender.  I wish I had more of a feminine face. I wish that I had longer hair.  I wish I had a flat stomach. But, the things that I love is that I have nice sized breast. I have nice hips. I have nice sized thighs and calf which clearly give me body. So, I hit the gym and I try to cut down eating my favorite foods.

I’ve set a year as my goal to lose 30 LBS. By that time, I’ll graduate with a master degree in Accounting and Finance. Once I get a new car, I’ll hit the gym everyday and set aside my desire to eat pizza, subs and cheesesteaks. I’ve already made some progress as I don’t eat french fries anymore. I have lost at least 30LBS already. You can do the math to see how much I used to weigh.

Well the time has come to say goodbye and I wish to thank each and everyone of my readers. I hope that this blog stays up for those that will come after me to provide a ray of sunshine and education.  Thank you so much and best of wishes to everyone.

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