Thank you for taking the time to read my story as it unfolds before the world. I have Partial Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome grade 1. I was diagnosed when I was 30 years old after many years of being lied too by doctors telling me that I was just a late bloomer.

I grew up being forced to be a boy when I knew that I was in fact a girl. Though my genitalia was what all the other boy’s had, it wasn’t until puberty that the difference became very clear that I was in the middle of both sexes rather than clearly male. No, I didn’t have both sex organs as most people think when I mention the word intersex. What I did have happen to me was that my body went through a puberty that was unlike most males have happen to their body.

Pubertal effects of testosterone in 46,XY children

At puberty, many of the early physical changes in both sexes are androgenic (adult-type body odor, increased oiliness of skin and hair, acne, pubic hair, axillary hair, fine upper lip and sideburn hair).

As puberty progresses, later secondary sex characteristics in males are nearly entirely due to androgens (continued growth of the penis, maturation of spermatogenic tissue and fertility, beard, deeper voice, masculine jaw and musculature, body hair, heavier bones). In males, the major pubertal changes attributable to estradiol are growth acceleration, epiphyseal closure, termination of growth, and (if it occurs) gynecomastia.


As described in the article written above, I failed to develop secondary sex characteristics of a typical male. As I watched other males develop, I knew that if I was what everyone was telling me that I was supposed to be, then why was my body so different. Why did I look like a girl more than a boy. The trauma that followed me as I did not feel like I was a boy and being told that I was a boy simply because I lacked what most girls have led to anti-social behavior. Doctors constantly telling me that I was just a late bloomer only pushed me further into depression and anti-social behavior. I spent many night crying myself to sleep and praying that everything would be made correct when I woke up.

At the age of 23, I learned about transsexualism and I thought that this was who I was. I immediately threw out all my male cloths and began living my life as I always felt that I was. Within 3 months I began to re-assign my gender and have never looked back since.

But there was still the question of what was happening to my body. I had very little body hair, my voice was very feminine and I didn’t look like a man at all. Internally, I didn’t know that there were things going on that I wouldn’t find out until much later in my life. By this point in my life, I was just looked at as being transsexual.

One doctor took notice in me and she recognized that things didn’t seem as they appeared. She ordered a battery of test. That’s when I finally became diagnosed with AIS. Yet, I still held on to the identity of being a transsexual because I didn’t know about this condition called AIS. Since I was re-assigning my gender, I thought this made me a transsexual.

I soon learned that there are other AIS people out there just like me. They also grew up being forced to be male some who were re-assigned as early as birth through surgery.  I started to realism that I don’t really have as much in common with transsexuals other than my desire to re-assign my gender. My reason for re-assigning my gender is completely different than theirs. Yet, I have made many friends in the TS community and I sought out an even ground.

That’s when I discovered HBS and I felt like these individuals were fighting for a medical recognition that would distinguish themselves from others who want the the title of TS but aren’t really TS but TG. There is nothing wrong with being TG but a TG is not a TS and there is no such thing as a Non-op TS.

How can one classify themselves as being a pre-op TS or non-op TS when the very meaning of TS is the re-assign one’s sex yet these individuals wish to remain male yet live as women?

So, I named this site HBS survivor experience to document my own fight towards re-assigning my gender and my support of the HBS community in their fight to distinguish themselves from the TG community.

“Harry Benjamin’s Syndrome,  which  today  is  know  to  be  a form of Intersex inborn condition (physiological) has  been  formerly  know  and  incorrectly  classified  by  the American Psychiatric Association (APA) as “Gender Identity Disorder” (DSM-IV-TR) and by the International Classification of Disseases (ICD-10) as “transsexualism” as a “mental disorder”, without any scientifical proof for such a classification of “mental illness” until the current date.  This  misclassification  of  HBS  as  a  “mental disorder” creates  a very unfair, unnecessary and abusive legal, social and medical stigma about people born with this condition. Please, watch the Video below, that show you the FACTS about the dangerous pseudo-science that is Psychiatry.”

“There is ZERO reported cases of any possible “cure” for Harry Benjamin’s Syndrome patients using psychiatric methods, for the simple reason that Harry Benjamin’s Syndrome is not, it never was a psychiatric condition. It is only through the adequate
correction of the body that this condition can be fixed, just as in another form of physical intersex condition, and thus it should be treated by a real Doctor, not by a psychiatrist. Any form of psychiatric treatment directly addressed to try to correct HBS by psychiatric means, is contraindicated (See SOC-HBS First Draft, 2006, Charlotte Goiar).”

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